Feel free to email us if you have any questions: cupottersclub@gmail.com

How to join the club?

Membership to the CUPC is session-based. There are three sessions per year—Spring, Summer, and Fall. Due to the finite size of our studio and high rate of current member retention, a limited amount of spaces are available for new members each term. New member enrollment begins at the start of each session on a first-come, first-served basis. The membership fee is $130 per session. Cash or checks are accepted.

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Do I have to do club duties?

Yes! Every member must serve on a committee and contribute eight hours work per term (every four months). New members are most often assigned to the Cleaning Committee or the Clay Committee.

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Can I bring my friend or family to the studio?

Current members have the privilege of bringing their friends and family members into the studio to learn the art of ceramics. For a $10 fee, guests are allowed to complete three pieces under the supervision of their sponsoring current member. See Membership page for more info.

Is continuing education available to club members?

The club occasionally holds workshops on glazing and other topics based on member requests. If you would like more formal instruction or don’t wish to work independently, consider taking one of the Champaign Park District’s or Parkland College’s classes.

How many pieces should I donate?

Each member must donate 3 pieces per term or ten percent of their work, whichever is greater. We ask for donations that are representative of your ability, not just the pieces that didn’t turn out (though we’ll take those, too, if they are sale-able). We cannot accept pieces that are cracked, damaged, or have substantial glaze faults