Current Members


Monthly Meeting

Urbana Free Library – Auditorium in basement
Wednesday, September 19, 2019 
7:00 – 8:30 pm

General Meeting and show and tell, first meeting of the session, election of officers for the year

Meetings are held the 4th Wednesday of the month unless otherwise noted.


New Members


Please read through the orientation and ask if you have any questions!


Cleaning Committee

The cleanliness of the studio is very important to all of us. As such, the cleaning committee is our largest committee, composed of about 20 members that keep the studio safe and clean for all. The cleaning committee does not clean up after other members, rather they maintain the general cleanliness of the entire studio.

Clay Committee

The clay committee is a critical part of the whole club operation, typically run by six to eight members. Clay committee members, affectionately referred to as our Mudders, are responsible for ordering clay, maintaining the pug mill and—most importantly—recycling clay. Keeping the clay recycle streams running smoothly is time-consuming and labor-intensive work. It involves maintaining recycled clay buckets, pouring and drying clay mud, and wedging / pug milling the clay back to a reusable state. Mudders organize clay orders twice a year and currently provide four different types of stoneware clay.

Clay Committee Handbook

Clay Committee Checklist

Sales Committee

The sales committee is responsible for raising money by selling items donated by members. Each member is expected to donate three pieces per term for sales and donate a minimum of 1 hour per year to help with sales events. The chair of sales is responsible for ensuring we have inventory and volunteers for sales in April and December.

Firing Committee

The firing committee usually consists of five people whose primary responsibility is to regularly perform bisque- and glazeware firings in our cone 6 electric kiln. In addition, they monitor the kiln for any problems that may arise and do routine maintenance on the kiln. The firing committee aims to fire the kiln as many times as necessary to keep production in the club moving. This ebbs and flows through the course of the year.

Glaze Committee

Glaze committee members are responsible for mixing and maintaining the club's glazes. The club relies on the glaze committee to provide dozens of staple glazes and maintain their consistency and quality. They also provide glaze samples that show different glaze combinations. The members of this committee are specially trained in the proper safety protocols necessary to protect their health and the health of other club members, so the club's raw chemicals are only to be handled by these committee members.

Glaze Committee Info




Committee Chair


Cleaning Tutorials


Glaze Spray Booth Tutorial

***You MUST have a personal training in the studio before using the spray booth. To schedule email here.

0:00 - Preparing for spraying
4:00 - Screening a glaze for spraying
6:01 - Setting up a bowl for spraying
6:56 - Safety mask