January 23, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Champaign-Urbana Potters’ Club
23 January 2013 Membership Meeting
I. Executive Committee Reports
A. Secretary – Amber Woolsey – need to check minutes of last meeting.
B. Treasurer – Chen Chien-Yu
1. The 11/28 deposit of $1223.16 is actually membership+sale+refund. I (Chien-Yu) was in a hurry and put down just membership
2. Total deposit for the three winter sales is $1615. Subtracting the $120 registration and $80 I took out for change, we made $1415 in profit.
3. Someone suggested to put some money in a saving account. With interest rate nowaday [sic], a saving account is really the same as a checking other than the name. but we still have the old saving account open
4. In the whole 2012, total expense is $15,958, total income is $19,438. However, the income includes $1960 from sometime before me. So in summary, we have $1520 excess not including the formerly hidden amount ($1960).
5. I guess the budget for 2013 is probably going to be the same since no one requested any additional equipment or resource. However, we might have to anticipate getting a kiln since the fire brick on the current kiln is really not in a great shape.
6. Chien-Yu will check on interest rates of Money Market accounts and report back at the next meeting/
C. Membership Chair – Crystal Radnitzer
1. Numbers are stable
2. Richard Hislop offered to contact UI arts department about recruiting new members.
3. Members present (13) introduced themselves.
D. Firing Committee – Jay Dryan
1. Unloading the kiln
a. Must fully unload and contact person who is signed up to unload/load next
b. Must have Jay’s permission
c. Jay will teach
2. Need new shelves, old shelves will be used for raku firings
E. Glaze Committee – Bev Rachfuss
1. There is a new green slip made up (Ivy green) – that hopefully is a deeper green – I have not tested it.
2. A YouTube video of how to make quick slip decorations can be found at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5lpU1SikPk
3. Some people have been making nice scrafitto decorations with the slip.
4. YouTube Simon Leach demonstration: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZlXKzoSe30
5. A new survey is being made, repeating the one that we did a couple of years ago, but with the glazes we have now.
6. Stephanie made a test with a different formulation of #59 pink, but it looks much the same as the original glaze. This is a tin oxide glaze and how thick it is is very important. Some water was taken off and it is being retested to see if that is what gives the gray color.
F. Website – Bev Rachfuss
1. New images have been added to the gallery. If the glazes are known, I (Bev) have started describing what glazes or other materials were used to achieve the effect. If people will send me photographs of their nice pieces and describe what was done, I will probably put them in the gallery.
2. Thank you Jane and Patricia for the photos of one of the Lincoln Square sales. One of them is on the home page presently.
3. I have added a link to the CU Potters’ Club facebook page, so we probably should try to keep it current. However, there are problems with access to current page.
4. A form widget has been added to the WordPress site and I will figure out how to use it for the class signup process.
5. 79 people visited the site, of which 67% were new visitors. Chen’s cat fountain, and corn sculpture are still popular.
G. Sales – Richard
1. Several ideas were offered to reduce backlog of pieces including online sales and reduced prices at next regular sale (Boneyard)
2. Results of Holiday sales are detailed below
H. Clay – Cathy Cunningham
1. We have been recycling a lot of clay these past few months and I want to thank the clay committee members for doing a great job keeping up. I also want to thank club members for using less white clay by switching to red. This has been a great help in reducing our inventory of red clay. We are at the point where we have enough room to store new boxes of clay.
2. I will be placing an order for clay with Laguna on February 1st and will request a delivery date as soon as possible. The clay will not be shipped if temperatures are below freezing, so the shipment will be weather dependent. If you would like to order clay, glazes or tools for your own personal use, please send me your order BY THURSDAY, JANUARY 31. Club members get a 10-20% discount off published prices when ordering with our club order. The club has a Laguna catalog, but it is probably easiest to go to the Laguna website and browse. Club members may order 1-2 boxes of clay for personal use + a percentage of shipping costs (minimal), depending on the size of the club order.
3. The cloth on the wedging table is showing wear and will need to be replaced soon. I will try to get a new cloth in place before the February meeting.
I. Clean-Up – Linda Dumich
1. Still having trouble contacting one member.
2. Everything the committee is responsible for is going fine.
3. When throwing, dump most of water into the parkway (the grass)
J. President – Rachel Hess
1. lease was resigned in November
2. $10 increase in monthly rent
3. Landlady is trying to sell building but there is an underground gas tank(s) which must be removed soon
II. Old Business
A. Holiday Sales
1. Urbana Business Association did a lot of advertising, which helped greatly
2. Location of table helped increase sales, will try to obtain same location next year
3. Amount earned at sales in detailed in Treasurer’s report
B. Classes for non-members – moved to Executive Meeting
III. New Business
A. Sarah Redd’s members’ class
B. Adding more to saving account (not for general purpose operations)
C. Empty Bowls
1. The club will donate at least 50 bowls this year.
2. Any club member who wants to help set-up at Silver Creek is welcome. Contact Stephanie Sutton.
3. Donations should be on mared shelf by 1 March 2013.
4. Event is at Silver Creek restaurant in Urbana
a. 6 March 2013 from 4-6pm.
b. Two raffles will be held.
D. Next meeting – 27 February 2013 CPL Room 215. Meeting starts at 7:00pm, but the room is open at 6:30pm.